Sunday, February 10, 2008

The True Western Bypass

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We are entering the discussions of a transportation plan. In the over 25 year term the preferred option of the 3 bypasses brought forwarded by the transportation experts is the so called "Western bypass" at a projected cost of over $560 million - $635 Million. In fact the other two options were discarded and the proposal being considered is a Western Bypass or a NO BYPASS formula.

From the City's website:
For the post 25 year strategy, assuming trend vehicle use continues, there are two options: West Bypass corridor protection and a no bypass option. The transportation modeling indicates that a bypass route may be required in 40 to 50 years. While staff have recommended the protection of the corridor, a viable alternative is the use of 27 Street and 32 Street as one way facilities. It is important that the community consider the options and let the City know what you think.

Left undiscussed and not on the table is the TRUE WESTERN BYPASS as outlined by Joanne Georgeson, Chair, Advisory Planning Board, in a letter to Council June 26th ,2007.

Don Quixote Note:
It is imperative that this alternative route that was discussed briefly by a few of the Council candidates in the last municipal election be examined and its viability established or rejected as part of any comprehensive transportation plan. To say it is "a pie in the sky dream" or other such put downs while exhaustively examining and costing out an over $1 BILLION railway track overpass is self serving and inexcusable.

I am no transportation expert and in my humble opinion the proposed western bypass is the 2nd best option and probably superior to the other 2 options that were held out as being the only other 2 viable options. I guess I would have to support the "protection" of that corridor if the true western bypass was proved to be an impossible dream.I am sure that this may be a political dream that may not possible but it should be examined by our Transportation experts and Long Term Planner to determine its financial and transportation feasibility and viability. If it is more or equally beneficial to the so called "Western Bypass" it will be up to the politicians to ensure the "protection of this future Corridor" so the best transportation system is developed.

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