Friday, September 20, 2013

Consumer Price Index -August 2013

The tables are a comparison between B.C. CPI and Canada CPI since 2009, updated to last month available in August 2013. The August CPI for B.C. on a y/y basis is -.1% while it is +1.1% in Canada.

The point to watch is the November 2013 CPI figures when they come out in late December. These are the figures used for remuneration increases for the Council (B.C. CPI) and Exempt Staff. (Canada CPI). (Last year in November 2012 - .1% was the B.C. CPI while Canada's was .8%)

Note that the August CPI (Canada) is 1.1% which will be the rate used for the Facilities Budget Increase in Jan of 2014.

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