Saturday, December 17, 2016

How to lower your residential sewer bill in Vernon

  • In Vernon your sewer bill for the next 4 quarters (April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018) is calculated by your water usage in the First  Quarter of 2016.
  •  Your first quarter bill will be for 90 days but: Everybody has their meter read on different days. My meter is read on Dec. 18th and therefore my calculation period when I need to conserve water will be from Dec. 18, 2016  to Mar. 18th, 2017. (Look at top of your bill for meter reading date)
  • Unless changed prior to April 1, 2017 your sewer charge will continue to be a base charge of $50.20 per quarter PLUS a per m3 charge for your water usage in first quarter that exceeds 20m3. at a rate of $2.45 per m3. (If you use 30m3 you will be charged for 10m3 at $2.45= $24.50)
  • Flush toilet only when necessary.
  • Use Outhouse or Friends House Throne-room or Library
  • Shower with  a friend.
  • Become a snow-bird in first quarter and use no water. (Save consumption charge)
For every M3 of water you use in the first quarter above 20m3 you will pay an annual sewer consumption charge of 2.45 x 4 = $9.80.


2016 Rates in Coldstream
P.S. - This doesn't work as well in Coldstream as they have a different sewer rates formula. Although they base their annual sewer rate on their first quarter water consumption, they have a minimum charge ($94.10 )- $56.45 base fee + $37.65 for 15m3 consumption equivalent  per quarter that makes everyone pay for at least 15 m3.  Every m3 you do not use above the first 15m3 in first quarter will save you $2.51 per m3 quarterly or $10.04 Annually.


    Coldstreamer said...

    All this chicanery could be prevented by installing a dual water meter system: one for indoor and one for outdoor use. The indoor meter would be used for both water and sewage billing. The only obstacle is price, however, the benefit: nobody could challenge their sewer bill.

    Coldstreamer said...

    If all customers manipulate their usage down to the minimum how are you going to meet your operating and maintenance costs?