Friday, April 22, 2016

Out of touch

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR posted Apr 22, 2016 at 1:00 AM
After reading the article "Auxiliary Petition proves popular," I am disgusted by how out of touch Vernon Coun. Bob Spiers, MP Mel Arnold and The Morning Star are on the RCMP Auxiliary Constable program. There is no need for a tax benefit since the program ‎has been all but officially cancelled across Canada. The real issue you should be focusing on is getting auxiliary boots back on the beat and supporting our regular members and our communities as a whole. Do you not read the news?
Warren Smith, Vernon
Don Quixote Note:
I managed to get a Vernon Council Motion to address this tax credit for ALL auxiliary officers in 2014. A letter of support was sent out under Mayor Rob Sawatsky's signature to the Federal Government of the Right Honourable S. Harper. (No result)   Spiers lobbied candidates in the last federal election to recognize auxiliary officers with a tax credit, and now he is taking advantage of a new government initiative that allows Canadians to develop petitions that could lead to policy change if there is sufficient support. Other police forces employ auxiliary constables as well, and Spiers wants to see them get the tax break as well. 

Vernon Council in 2016 also passed that motion and letters of support were sent to the current Prime Minister under the current Mayor's signature. 

Unfortunately the timing of this petition initiative method was at the same time the RCMP was restructuring the Auxiliary Constable program. I agree with Mr Smith that the Auxilliary Program has been changed so that the boots on the beat accompanying RCMP members will no longer be a part of these Volunteers job description. Hopefully this will change in the future.

This petition applies to all Auxiliary Police across the country. (Municipal and Provincial and Territory) and I urge everyone to sign it.

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