Sunday, May 08, 2016

Interactive Tax Calculators Online

The City of Vernon's calculator for the 2016 Tax Season is now online

ESTIMATOR  City of Vernon

To estimate your 2016 municipal taxes, enter the property assessment values from your BC Assessment Notice in the boxes below. This estimated calculation only applies to the 2016 tax year. 

Don Quixote Online Calculators below:
Simply put in the 2015 and 2016 tax assessments for land and Improvements in the YELLOW Sections ONLY and the calculator will spit out your taxes for 2016 .

Prelim  2015/16  tax calculator Vernon residential

PRELIM  2015/2016  Vernon business class 6 tax calculator

Prelim   2015/16 tax Calculator Coldstream residential
This  calculator below  is an illustration of the the comparative tax rates between Coldstream and Vernon for your property assessments for land and Improvements. Find out what you would pay in Coldstream if you lived in Vernon and Vice versa.
PRELIM of 2016  comparison Coldstream vs Vernon residential calculator

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