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Regional district directors defend wages

by Richard Rolke - Vernon Morning Star posted Jun 19, 2016 at 8:00 AM
There’s a cost to the public’s business, according to regional politicians. Just over $300,000 was spent on remuneration and expenses for all Regional District of North Okanagan directors and alternate directors in 2015. “We’re paid based on the meetings we attend,” said Rick Fairbairn, chairperson. “We have an obligation to attend meetings to represent the board and the public.” Leading the pack was Fairbairn, rural Lumby director, who had a salary of $42,368 and expenses of $13,915. “As chairperson, I spend almost every working day at the regional district office,” said Fairbairn. Cherryville director Hank Cameron had a salary of $23,552 and he points out that a portion of it was taxable. “My T-4 showed $15,800,” he said. Cameron’s expenses were $8,067 and they were from attending provincial and regional conventions. “They are a valuable opportunity to talk to cabinet ministers and discuss important issues,” he said.

Remuneration for the other board members in 2015 was:
Kevin Acton - $13,496 (expenses $992)
Janice Brown - $11,066 (expenses $139)
Juliette Cunningham - $15,615 (expenses $118)
Doug Dirk - $12,683 (expenses $287)
Bob Fleming - $24,296 (expenses $4,440)
Shirley Fowler - $11,213 (expenses $623)
Herman Halvorson - $22,523 (expenses $8,113)
Catherine Lord - $11,360 (expenses $8)
Mike Macnabb - $24,153 (expenses $3,496)
Greg McCune - $12,095 (expenses $1,010)
Akbal Mund - $15,120 (expenses $12)
Brian Quiring - $10,478 (no expenses)

The 2015 report shows that 31 RDNO employees earned more than $75,000. At the top of the list was chief administrative officer David Sewell with remuneration of $166,703 and expenses of $18,314. Second was Leah Mellott, electoral area services general manager, with remuneration of $142,845 and expenses of $6,331. “Staff are paid the going rate and we have excellent staff,” said Fairbairn. All employees at the regional district were paid out $5.9 million in salaries and $462,101 in expenses.
Full Details at:

12. 2015 Statement of Financial Information
 Staff report dated June 8, 2016
RECOMMENDATION 14 Page 306 - 314

The SOFI Report for Schedule of Elected Official & Committee Member Remuneration and Expenses on page 309 was changed for this 2015 report to exclude Elected Officials and other Committee Members (Such as Water Rep on GVAC) who are non Directors (Or alternate Directors) even though they receive committee pay of $147/meeting (2015) $150 -2016) and received a T-4 each year.  This explains why Coun. KISS ( reports that he made $2150 on his RDNO T-4) but is no longer on this list.

An Overview of the Board's Remuneration Schedule for 2016 can be found at
The 2015 schedule would be all figures 1.9% less. (ep.: Committee pay $147/meeting in 2015)

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