Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Salaries top $22 million

Kate Bouey - CASTANET Jun 14, 2016 / 3:10 pm 
The City of Vernon spent a whopping $22,445,031 on salaries in 2015, including for the RCMP and fire department. The amount is almost $1 million more than what was spent on salaries in 2014. In a breakdown of figures shown in the 2015 draft annual report, the amount of money spent on salaries at Vernon city hall and the fire department last year totalled $9,889,321. The final report will be presented to council on June 27. Top of the list was the city's chief administrative officer, Will Pearce, who made $184,497 and spent $17,783 on expenses.

The report shows 40 people made salaries of over $100,000 last year, many with Vernon Fire Rescue. The lump sums shown in the report include overtime. Expenses are listed separately.

As well, 2015 council remuneration and expenses have been released:
Mayor Akbal Mund $ 75,801.63 plus $4,670.73 in expenses.
Councillor Juliette Cunningham $24,857.24 plus $4,818.81 in expenses.
Councillor Bob Spiers $24,281.66 plus $14.57 in expenses.
Councillor Brian Quiring $23,958.68 plus $45.26 in expenses.
Councillor Scott Anderson $23,645.10 plus $3,342.64 in expenses.
Councillor Catherine Lord $22,659.78 plus $4,194.08 in expenses.
Councillor Dalvir Nahal $22,105.98 plus $411.93 in expenses.
Expenses incurred at that time were mainly due to attendance at the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention and meetings with cabinet ministers, said the mayor. Separate remuneration is given to the mayor and those councillors who are on separate boards, including the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee and the board of the North Okanagan Regional District.

Don Quixote's Note:
As to the Watchdog's expense claim for $14.57 this is the explanation I received for my first expense claim in 8 years:

"The $14.57 expenses relates to an allocation of a meal from July 13, 2015. That date was a regular Council meeting. The bill was $107.10 less gst of $5.10 divided by 7 elected officials. Your portion was $ 14.57."

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