Saturday, June 11, 2016

SOFI to be approved At RDNO Board Of Directors meeting June 15

12. 2015 Statement of Financial Information
 Staff report dated June 8, 2016
RECOMMENDATION 14 Page 306 - 314
(Unweighted Corporate Vote)
That the 2015 Statement of Financial Information and associated schedules required under
the Financial Information Act and Regulations be approved.
===========  (2014 Sofi for Comparision)

Remuneration excerpts from  2015 SOFI:
Elected Officials Remuneration & Expenses 2015

Employee Remuneration & Expenses 2015

The Elected Officers Remuneration Schedule has been changed in 2015 report from that of the previous reports. Only reported NOW is remuneration & Expenses for Directors and Alt. Directors appointed to RDNO BOARD.  Those elected officials that are committee appointments only (like Coldstream's Kiss and other municipal officials that serve on committees only ) who receive remuneration in the form of committee pay only ($150/meeting) are no longer listed. Non elected officials like the water Rep on GVAC and his alternates are also no longer listed.

When comparing the 2015 list to the 2014 list please take this into consideration.

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