Friday, July 29, 2016

Pondering pig precedent

By Kate Bouey CASTANET - Jul 29, 2016 / 5:00 am
Vernon Mayor Akbal Mund is worried a decision last year to allow a pet pig to live within the city limits may come back to bite council. A woman has begun an attempt to convince council to allow her 30-lb. pet pig, Layla, to stay at her Vernon home as well. And there have been other requests, according to the mayor. “Now we've had requests for hens and ducks in backyards so you have to be very careful and go through the bylaws,” Mund said. The mayor conceded a precedent was set 12 months ago when council gave the OK for the potbellied porcine to remain in the city. “We knew this was going to happen, that more people would come and say 'OK, now I want to keep mine'.” Under city bylaws, no farm animals – except chickens – are allowed to live in urban areas. Layla's owner is now seeking a variance permit from council that will allow her pet to stay at home and has begun a petition that has more than 1,300 signatures. Mund is not convinced. “Neighbours have been complaining it squeals a lot,” Mund said. “Bylaw enforces the rules. “You have to be respectful of the neighbours. When the neighbours are complaining that the pig is outside squealing, well, where do you draw the line?”

So you want a pet pig?

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