Saturday, August 20, 2016

City wants share of pot tax

by Wayne Moore - CASTANET Aug 20, 2016 / 5:00 am
The City of Kelowna should receive a portion of tax revenues derived from legal marijuana sales.That's just one of several recommendations city staff have provided in response to questions asked by the federal government in advance of legislation which will legalize marijuana in Canada. Local and provincial governments across the country have been asked to provide feedback to advise the government on the design of new legislation and the regulatory framework that will include a new system of strict marijuana sales and distribution.City planner Ryan Smith said staff reviewed the government's discussion paper and provided responses to several questions.

Responses included:
Federal or provincial marijuana taxation régimes should include a percentage set aside for local government without risking the continued existence of a black market
Minimum age should be same or higher as minimum age for consuming alcohol
Minimum age should be consistent in all Provinces and Territories.
Federal regulation of edible products is encouraged
Municipalities should be able to regulate by permit home growing
Restrict consumption in publicly-accessible spaces outside the home
Enable municipalities to decide if they will permit stores/dispensaries or not
Ensure RCMP/local police have enforcement capabilities to protect against impaired driving

The federal government expects to introduce legislation on the legalization of marijuana in the spring of next year.

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