Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Parking Fees Set For Civic Arena Lot

Posted on 8/15/2016 7:54 PM by Pete McIntyre 107.5 KISSFM
It won't be free to park in the Civic Arena lot much longer. Council has approved spending up to ten thousand dollars to get the site ready for paid parking, starting September 1st. Mayor Akbal Mund says it's been discussed for some time.
"That was before even I came on council. I know that was discussed. That parking lot is full and a lot of people park there." Mund says that lot doesn't have the turnover like the Rec Centre does. "It would be in the best interest to charge for parking there, because it's become all day parking for everybody, and there is no real turnover there." It will cost 50 cents an hour, 3 dollars a day, or $43 a month, to park there. It will still be free after 3:30 pm on weekdays, along with on weekends and for event days.

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