Monday, September 19, 2016

Budweiser visits Grise Fiord

Since Grise Fiord is the most northern community in Canada it seems to have become a magnet for unique and exciting events. It was Budweiser’s turn to utilize Grise Fiord’s northern claim to fame. During the Superbowl, Budweiser came out with this commercial, which outlined their plan to put a goal light at the top of the world (aka Grise Fiord) for when Canada would be hockey-battling it out against the world in September.

Picture taken in Grise Fiord
day before Canada beat the 
Czechs 6-0

Budweiser then made a video showing how the goal light would get to Grise Fiord in real life. The truck pulling the goal light in the previous video was not really feasible – so instead they sent it by ship.

Budweiser also hosted a dinner for the whole town and gave away door prizes (like hockey jerseys, puck and hats). They made a special video about the town just for us. It was a really nice gesture and kind way to say thank you and goodbye

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