Tuesday, October 25, 2016

25th Street or Abbey Road?

By Castanet Staff - Oct 25, 2016 / 1:00 pm 

Mayor Akbal Mund and some local school kids had some fun this week posing in a Beatles-themed Abbey Road zebra crossing photo. However this was 25th Street in Vernon – and the photo marked International Walk to School Month (iWalk) in October and the completion of a new sidewalk along the well-used school route. The 25th Street sidewalk project began in early May, in response to resident concerns about traffic. The road is a major pedestrian and cycling corridor used by residents and students of Beairsto School, W.L. Seaton Secondary, and Harwood and Silver Star elementary schools.

The overall cost was approximately $634,000, and included:

1,370 metres of new sidewalk from 45 Avenue to Pleasant Valley Road
a new pedestrian-activated flashing crosswalk at 43rd Avenue and 25 Street
two new crosswalks at 40 and 41 Avenues
bike route 'Share the Road' signage
pavement markings on 25 Street from Pleasant Valley Road to 45 Avenue, and on 45 Ave from 25 Street to 20 Street
https://www.vernon.ca/sites/default/files/docs/financial/annual_reports/adopted_2016-2020_financial_plan.pdf P.439

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