Saturday, July 22, 2017

DCC Amending Bylaws on GVAC Agenda Thursday Oct. 6, 2016

In October of 2016 amendments to the DCC bylaw for Parks and Water were approved and sent to the Provinces Inspector for approval.

Finally at the last RDNO meeting of July 19 they were unanimously approved and are now in effect.
(a) Pursuant to section 563(1 )(a) of the Local Government Act, Development Cost Charges for not-for-profit rental housing as defined in this bylaw are waived in their entirety.
(b) No Development Cost Charges shall be required to be paid where the building  permit authorizes the construction, alteration or extension of a building or part of a building that will, after the construction, alteration or extension:
(i) Contain fewer than two (2) residential dwelling units; and
(ii) Be put to no use other than the residential use in those dwelling
What is the effect of these changes:
"Not-for-profit rental housing" means low income housing that is owned by a nonprofit corporation incorporated under the Society Act or a government organization and occupied or intended to be occupied under tenancy agreements as defined in the Residential Tenancy Act,

For Non-Profits DCC's will be waived.
1 unit water DCC = 1857
1 unit Parks DCC = 3644
Total = $5501 per unit.

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