Sunday, October 16, 2016

Highway Bypass Not In Plan


Do you believe a highway bypass is needed in future plans for the City of Vernon?

Not Sure

Posted on 10/14/2016 10:41 AM by Pete McIntyre 107.5 KISSFM
A Vernon councillor isn't giving up on his demands to have a highway bypass in the long term vision for the city.
Bob Spiers voted against official community plan changes at council's meeting Tuesday, upset the highway doesn't get mentioned in the master transportation plan. He hopes residents agree with him when a public hearing is held on the OCP later this year. "Hopefully enough people will come out, and maybe we can convince the powers that be and the rest of council, to put in a bypass (into the plan)." Spiers says the city's advisory planning committee agrees a bypass should be in the plan. "We both thought we should have better bypass language. We should at least put a bypass route in there," adds Spiers. Councillor Scott Anderson also voted against the OCP changes concerned about the parks plan making part of Marshall Field on-leash only for dogs. "It is a difficult decision, but it's one that I stand on because I feel very strongly that I am representing a great number of people who use that consistently as a dog run, and I'm speaking for them," Anderson told Kiss FM. Councillor Catherine Lord also had concerns about the master parks plan outlining the Civic Arena site to become a park, which she feels has not been decided, and the building may be kept in tact for future uses. "We were talking about getting public consultation on this issue," said Lord
Councillor Juliette Cunningham pointed out the master plans can be changed over time, adding it's basically a blueprint, and doesn't force council to do anything specific.
THAT Bylaw #5609, "Official Community Plan (ParksMaster Plan, Master Transportation Plan, &Community Wild Fire Protection Plan) Text Amendment Bylaw Number 5609, 2016" – a bylaw to amend the City of Vernon’s Official Community Plan Bylaw Number 5470, be read a first and second time; AND FURTHER, that the Public Hearing for Bylaw #5609 be scheduled for Monday, November 14, 2016, at 5:30 pm, in Council Chambers. (City of Vernon) (P. 621)

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