Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kamloops top cop wants robust auxiliary constable program

By Brendan Kergin October 19, 2016 - 10:30 AM
KAMLOOPS - Kamloops RCMP are weighing in on the auxiliary constable program debate.The local detachment will be sending a report to the RCMP’s top brass with their thoughts on what Kamloops needs as far as their auxiliary constables go. Supt. Brad Mueller says Kamloops RCMP have three options to look at and plan to go with the most robust.“Our recommendation will be going with the tier three proposal,” he says. “Which will be very, very similar to the way the auxiliary program ran prior to the most recent announcements.” Nationwide the RCMP auxiliary constable program was restricted earlier this year after one of the programs volunteers was shot in Alberta in January 2015. Since then the RCMP have been reviewing the program.

The three tier system being discussed in Kamloops ranges from tier one, which is very basic and doesn’t include uniforms for the auxiliary constable, to tier three, which will be similar to what happened before the RCMP restricted Mueller says. It would include more training, more complex activities and uniforms for the auxiliary constables.

“Currently we have about 30 that are active,” he says. “They provide a valuable service to us and we couldn’t deliver on all the service programs that we do with out them. “It’s a very essential program here in Kamloops.”The response to RCMP leadership will be sent in before Nov. 1.

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