Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Getting ready for battle

by Kate Bouey -CASTANET Dec 6, 2016 / 5:00 am 
The Okanagan Equestrian Society is about to embark on a fundraising campaign ahead of a legal battle with the City of Vernon over the future of Kin Race Track. In October, the society announced it would begin selling $250 debentures in order to fund the court case which is set to be heard in New Westminster next March. “Our debentures are ready to go,” said Robyn Dalziel, society president. However, Dalziel is waiting for a seal to make them official and expects sales to begin next week. Meanwhile, she said there has been a lot of people offering to donate to the legal fund so the process for that is being set up as well. “We're going to put the information out there for everybody. We've had a lot of people from Kelowna who want to buy a debenture...We're on the verge of starting our fundraising campaign.” For those interested in helping the society, Daziel said a $2 membership must be bought before a debenture, described as a loan that would pay out five per cent per annum and would be paid back in the event of a courtroom win. She said updated news would be available on Facebook.

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