Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Jefcoat to challenge Foster

By Darren Handschuh - CASTANET Dec 21, 2016 / 11:02 am
The Libertarian Party of B.C. is the first to offer MLA Eric Foster some competition for the Vernon-Monashee riding. Vernon resident Don Jefcoat has thrown his hat into the political arena for the 2017 provincial election. Jefcoat is the second candidate to announce, after Foster. The NDP has yet to field a candidate in the riding. Foster announced earlier this year he will be running for a third term under the Liberal banner. “This is my first run in politics. I chose Libertarian because I am a person who believes our government needs to be financially revamped,” said Jefcoat. “We need to get rid of over-government control. I think that's where our problems are coming from.” Jefcoat, who currently works as a chef, said he is an every day man and that is what is needed in Victoria. “We need a guy that is going to Victoria to represent the constituents and not the party,” he said. “With the Libertarians, we can represent people over party lines, we can go against party policy if it's best. The voters are our boss, not the party.” Jefcoat said one of the first things that need to be done in Victoria is to reel in government spending. He suggested one way to do that is by revamping the health care system where the public system remains, but a private system is also allowed. Jefcoat said the current system is not working with people having to wait hours just to see a doctor and spending that is out of control. “People who can afford it will go to their private doctor and that would ease pressure on the public system,” he said, adding those who could afford it would be willing to pay for medical tests and other needs if they can get their needs met faster. “Instead of just Interior Health running hospitals, we would have Interior Health, but we would also allow a private supplier to come in,” he said. “Our main platform is we have to find ways to reduce spending in Victoria. We can't continue going into debt each year. We need to cut expenses and that way we can cut taxes.” Jefcoat, who also has training in social services, said more needs to be done to address the homeless issue as well as making changes to the educational system.

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