Thursday, December 08, 2016

London Drugs 'ready' to dispense marijuana

by Katya Slepian - BC Local News British Columbia posted Dec 7, 2016 at 12:00 PM
A B.C.-based pharmacy chain is itching to be the first in Canada to sell medical marijuana. London Drugs vice-president John Tse says that the pharmacy has already begun training to pharmacists to dispense marijuana as soon as regulations are in place. The federal government is expected to introduce legislation on both medical and recreational marijuana in the spring but Tse – who notes that London Drugs is only interested in the medical side – foresees a longer wait time than that before it comes to pharmacy shelves. “After the legislation comes out there’s still the regulation…. and then there’s provincial governments and each of our colleges of pharmacists need to write regulations to operationalize it,” said Tse. “We’ll be as fast as the laws allow… but it could happen overnight, we’re that ready."London Drugs began training their pharmacists to dispense marijuana nine months ago, Tse said, but noted that how dispensing would work would depend on official word from Ottawa. Shoppers Drug Mart has already announced intentions to dispense medical marijuana. (More)

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