Friday, December 02, 2016

Wine and carrots to go

By Kate Bouey - CASTANET Dec 2, 2016 / 5:00 am
Would you like a bottle of Chardonnay with that salmon? The Real Canadian Superstore on Anderson Way is the first grocery store in the Vernon area to stock B.C. wines on the shelves – and just before Christmas. The bottles of red and white were put out for customers on Thursday morning. “It's provincially regulated as you know,” said Mayor Akbal Mund. “They decided to put wine in here because this (Superstore) is one of the busiest locations they have in Western Canada. “Do I feel it will affect the liquor stores? Probably not.” However Mund's optimistic view point is not shared by independent liquor store owners in the area. In August, the group appeared before city council asking for municipal regulations, such as a one-kilometre distance rule between all retailers of alcohol. However, in September, council decided to opt out of the matter and leave all regulations to the province. “It's a matter of convenience,” said Mund. “People will still go a liquor store to buy liquor and for more choice. If anything, there will be more wine sold in B.C.”

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