Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cultural Facility Reserve Debated Vernon

1075 KISS FM Pete McIntyre January 26, 2017 05:35 pm
Local politicians are talking about the idea for a cultural facility reserve fund. Greater Vernon Advisory Chair Juliette Cunningham says staff is suggesting 187 thousand dollars be used for a future new facility. “So it’s just a matter of deciding so you take it out of a reserve or do you take it out of taxation I guess. That will be the next thing we have to answer as a committee,” says Cunningham. However, Director Bob Spiers is concerned taxpayers money would be put away to build a possible new facility, rather than maintain existing ones. “You don’t tax people now to put money away I guess for the capital costs of an art gallery and museum. That’s what those two are for,” says Spiers. Other directors like Jim Garlick and Doug Dirk had concerns with putting money into a reserve fund for a new facility. However, Cunningham says as part of the new cultural plan, the committee agreed to look at a facility reserve. Director Jim Garlick suggested its important to start looking at possible sites for a new facility, some of which the regional district may already own. The discussion came during debate of the 2017 Greater Vernon Parks, Recreation and Culture budget which will need more discussion before its approved.

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