Sunday, January 08, 2017

My Tax on Tax experience for 2016. (GST on Carbom Tax)

This is my Heating Bill recap for 2016. (If you have a Fortis online account you can get this breakdown for your natural gas heating bills)

As you can see my Carbon Tax for 2016 was $272.06.

The Feds then charged me 5% GST on top of the Carbon Tax.  ($13.60). Not much really but this is a tax on a tax.

GST Reconciliation.  (small 2 cent rounding error)
Delivery and commodity charges                      1,385.21
Mun. Operating Fee. (Former Franchise Fee)        42.80
Carbon Tax                                                            272.05
Total                                                                    1,700.06
5% GST on Total (Includes carbon Tax)                 85.00

Note that there is no GST on the Clean Energy Levy of $6.71.

"Whatever model a province chooses,
 Trudeau said, it will be revenue neutral
 for the federal government, with
any revenues generated
 under the system staying
 in the province or territory
where they are generated."
At least we aren't in a Province like Ontario that has HST and their heating bills will be going up not only by the GST of 5% which goes to Ottawa but by the Prov. charge of 8% (which should remain in Ontario)

My other Carbon Tax charges are from the Gasoline we purchase for the family car.
Fill up your vehicle with 8o litres will cost you $5.34 for carbon tax and then the Feds will rake off 27 cents in GST.

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