Sunday, February 05, 2017

Coldstream farm tax ratio

District of Coldstream Finance Committee Meeting Agenda for February 6, 2017 (excerpt below re farm tax ratio)    (p.41)
The current resolution made by Council is that the tax multiplier for farm property be changed to 2.4:1 to be phased in·over three years beginning with the 2016 taxation year. If Council continues to
phase the reduction of the tax multiplier, the 2017 farm class rate will be reduced to 3.1:1.
As can be seen in the appendix, the tax rate multiplier in Coldstream continues to be considerably higher in comparison to the provincial recommended tax multiplier of 1:1 for farm class properties within a regional district, as well as other communities who have agriculture as a sizeable component of the community with the exception of the City of Armstrong.

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