Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Sewer Hook-Up Cost Increased

Vernon, BC, Canada / 1075 KISS FM Ron Manz March 07, 2017 04:31 pm
Coldstream is proceeding with development of a bylaw for mandatory sewer hook-up for residents along Kalamalka Road and Giles, Pine and Mackie Drives. The bylaw will be introduced next Monday, March 13th. Coldstream CAO Trevor Siebel says hook-up fees will be $5-thousand dollars per household but there will be an exemption initially. “Residents that are adjacent to the sewer line between McClounie and Mackie they have a two year window to connect to the system without having to pay the connection fee.” Siebel says the municipality wants to expand the system further east into the municipality with the west end pretty much totally hooked up now. “The sewer line doesn’t go further out than where it is right now out to Mackie. That line from McClounie to Mackie is sort of the most easterly part of the system.” Siebel says hook-up fees have been increased to 5-thousand dollars from 2-thousand initially simple to cover the actual cost. “When we would connect from the sewer line and the road to their property line, those costs were far above the $2,000 that’s why we had to make that change.” About 60 homes are being exempted initially.

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