Monday, May 15, 2017

Tax on Tax Petition tabled in House of Commons Today.


Stop 'tax-on-tax scheme'
by Darren Handschuh - May 15, 2017 / 3:46 pm CASTANET
Mel Arnold has asked his colleagues to get rid of a tax on a tax. Last year, Vernon city Coun. Bob Spiers launched an e-petition asking the federal government to eliminate what was essentially a tax on the carbon tax. The feds are applying the GST to the carbon tax, but on Monday the Okanagan-Shuswap Conservative MP tabled the petition in the House of Commons to get rid of the double tax. The online e-petition garnered 1,596 signatures from across Canada between January and May. It will now be assessed by the federal government which has to issue a formal written response within 45 days. “Now that the federal government has mandated that all provinces and territories establish a carbon tax regime by 2018, all Canadians will soon be subjected to this tax-on-tax scheme,” said Arnold. “I commend councillor Spiers for stepping forward with this important proposal and I will continue to fight this unfair tax scheme.” Spiers said he appreciates Arnold taking the matter to the highest government in the land. The 2016 federal budget projected GST revenue to increase by 21 per cent over five years while Budget 2017’s projection shows the federal government expects to grow its GST revenues by 24 per cent by 2021.A large portion of this increase in federal revenue is expected to result from charging GST on new provincial and territorial carbon taxes.

Did you know you are being Taxed on Tax? Sign electronic petition e-713 and send support for Private Members Bill C-342. Let the Prime Minister know that Tax on Tax is not acceptable.

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