Friday, August 17, 2012


VERNON— Scott Anderson announced today that he will be seeking the nomination as British Columbia Conservative candidate for the Vernon-Monashee riding in anticipation of the May 2013 provincial general election.  “Scott is someone with experience, integrity and drive," said Jim Sutherland, Regional Director for the B.C. Conservatives. “I have no doubt he will make a great nominee for Vernon-Monashee.” Anderson is a long-time Vernon resident, business owner, free-lance writer, and Officer in the Canadian Forces Reserves. He has served as a Reform Party Campaign Manager in two federal elections and as Legislative Assistant for a Member of Parliament.  He ran for Vernon City Council in 2011 and currently sits on the Advisory Planning Committee for the City of Vernon. "I've lived here for a long time and I'm excited to have a chance to give back to the people of the area," said Anderson. "I want to help bring citizen input, responsible spending, and lower taxes back to British Columbia. The carbon tax, for example, is not helping the environment - it is simply taking money out of our pockets and using it to fund large corporations."  The three main issues Anderson wants to advance are: input from the citizens of BC, lower taxes, and less government intrusion in our lives. "The Liberals have lost their way…they've become just another tax-and-spend party like the NDP," said Anderson.   "By all accounts the global economy is headed downhill, and I believe the BC Conservative Party has the right philosophy to position BC to ride out the storm and emerge stronger than ever." Anderson has a Bachelor's Degree (First Class Honours) in Political Studies from the University of Manitoba and owns a writing business that serves North America, Europe, and Australia.  He lives with his spouse Linda and his 16 year-old daughter Fiona.  He has one grown son, Luke, who lives in Vernon.

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