Monday, May 16, 2016

UBCO Transit Connector to be Reviewed at RDNO on Wednesday at 4 pm. (21% Increase ??)

The approved 2016 RDNO budget for the UBCO Connector service (872) is $413,000. This cost is net of the $240,000 provincial contribution through BC Transit. The net cost of the service is funded by property tax requisition ($301,000), as well as transit fares ($78,000) and Lake Country’s contribution ($34,000).
The cost allocation percentages in the establishment bylaw are required to be reviewed at least every three (3) years using an ‘on bus’ survey. The last survey was conducted in October 2013, therefore a new survey is planned for October 2016. The estimated annual expansion costs are allocated among the partners below based on the 2013 percentage splits. By September 2017, these costs will vary somewhat due to the new survey numbers and a more detailed costing by
BC Transit. 
P.282 Transit Expansion Data
P.276 Transit Background (RDNO)

P.278 Transit Tax Requisition Projected

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Don Hood said...

Hope the Directors are aware that with People with Disabilities having to pay full fare soon numbers of riders could drop.