Friday, November 04, 2016

$7M for water treatment

By Kate Bouey - CASTANET Nov 4, 2016 / 5:00 am
A total of $7 million is needed for construction of an ultraviolet treatment and air scrubbing system at the Duteau Creek water treatment plant but a huge chunk of that money may be sought from a joint federal-provincial program. Greater Vernon Water staff have been investigating the potential for UV treatment in an effort to meet drinking water standards set by Interior Health. Despite the pricetag, staff said it is far cheaper than building a filtration system. “A pilot project has been underway in 2016, indicating that UV treatment and chlorine management will be a cost effective alternative to filtration for meeting IH standards,” said a report before the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee. Staff have asked permission to apply for a $5.8 million grant. “I'm quite happy if we can put that in and we can put filtration off for 20 years, that will save us a heck of a lot of money,” said Vernon director Bob Spiers. “The original estimate for filtration (at Duteau) was $25 million. “If we get a grant and our costs go down to 1.2 million...our share...this is a step forward.” Spiers said it also showed that it was beneficial to have turned down the original borrowing. In a referendum a few years ago, taxpayers rejected a request to borrow $70 million for the first phase of a water upgrade, which would have included a $26.5-million filtration plant at the Duteau Creek plant. “The taxpayers should be applauded for turning down the original motion,” Spiers said.
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Don Quixote note: Staff indicated at meeting that the Master Water Plan would state that filtration at Duteau could be delayed well into the future if we installed this  ultraviolet treatment method at Duteau Creek Treatment Plant. (The original plus air scrubbing has been eliminated explaining why original estimate of cost was $8-10 million and the Grant application  is for $5.8 million plus a ratepayers cost of $1.2 million which will be funded through existing reserves).  If the Grant application is denied this project will be scheduled to start in 2018 or 2019 . By turning down the original $70 million borrowing the Filtration Cost of $25.5 million at Duteau were reexamined with a $40,000 targeted peer review of Duteau Filtration and this alternate method was revealed.

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Infrastructure Canada Clean Water and Waste Water Fund Grant Application

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