Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Chair- Vice Chair to be elected today at RDNO

by Richard Rolke - Vernon Morning Star North Okanagan posted Nov 2, 2016 at 5:00 PM— updated Nov 2, 2016 at 6:03 PM
There has been a major shift in leadership at the Regional District of North Okanagan. Bob Fleming, BX-Swan Lake director, was elected to a one-year term as board chairperson Wednesday. "To be inclusive and supportive of all of the communities in the regional district is my goal," said Fleming. Fleming takes over from Rick Fairbairn, rural Lumby director, who was board chairperson for three years. He was elected as BX-Swan Lake director five years ago and is currently the chairperson of the Electoral Area Advisory Committee. "I love this place. I was born here, grew up here and raised a family here," said Fleming of the North Okanagan. Fleming says he will regularly report to the board about his activities. "I view the regional district as a link between the member communities," he said. Juliette Cunningham, a Vernon director, was unsuccessful in her bid for chairperson, but she was named vice-chairperson over Janice Brown, Spallumcheen director. "The vision I have for the regional district is co-operation while using our resources wisely," said Cunningham. She added that while she represents Vernon, she is interested in the needs of all local communities. "I've tried to understand the issues facing our partners. I don't simply put my hand up to vote, I speak up." Fairbairn says he decided not to run for chairperson again because it's time for other board members to be involved. "We've accomplished a great deal over the past few years and we've worked through some very difficult and contentious issues and I know we will continue to move forward and make the best decisions we can for the regional district," he said.Kevin Acton, Lumby director, has been vice-chairperson for the past year but he was not nominated for another term.

Update: Chair and Vice Chair of RDNO elected.
RDNO Directors Remuneration
Municipal Director        $578 per month
Electoral Area Director    $718 per month + $445 Travel & Expense Stipend per month
(The $578 per month for Municipal directors and the same amount $578 of the EA's directors remuneration gets charged to 010 Gen. Government while the balance of EA Remuneration gets charged to 029 EA Administration.)

RDNO Chair:       $1276 monthly in addition to Directors pay.
RDNO Vice Chair $141 monthly in addition to Directors pay.
(The Chair and vice chair remuneration gets charged to 010 General Government)

All directors also get paid $150 for each meeting they attend as appointed members to most committees. Only RDNO meetings pay get charged to 010 General Government. (All others are charged to other functions such as GVAC or EA Admin.  etc.). The Chair also is eligible for the $150 meeting pay for all other meetings  attendent where he or she is not an appointed  member. (All others are charged to other functions such as GVAC or EA Admin.  etc.)

The SOFI Report for Schedule of Elected Official & Committee Member Remuneration and Expenses on page 309 was changed for this 2015 report to exclude Elected Officials and other Committee Members (Such as Water Rep on GVAC) who are non Directors (Or alternate Directors) even though they receive committee pay of $147/meeting (2015) $150 -2016) and received a T-4 each year. This explains why Coun. KISS ( reports that he made $2150 on his RDNO T-4) but is no longer on this list.

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