Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Poppy Crosswalk Plan Dashed

Vernon, BC, Canada / 1075 KISS FM Pete McIntyre March 13, 2017 07:30 pm
Vernon won’t be proceeding with a poppy crosswalk after all. Council had approved one earlier to honour veterans on 31st Avenue near Cenotaph Park — but the head office of the Royal Canadian Legion objected. “They have their own playbook, detailing what you can do, and what you can’t do, and one of the things is that the poppy can never be laid on the ground because it can never be (walked or driven) on,” says Mayor Akbal Mund. Mund says the city is now working with the local Legion on a tribute involving signs on the path north of Cenotaph Park. “We’re looking at some designs for signage that we will post on lampposts that will still give the veterans some acknowledgement.”

b. Community Use: i. Parks: Commemorative parks in the memory of Veterans where the Poppy would be positioned with respect, i.e. not inset or depicted in tiles on the ground or positioned in any way that would see the Poppy trod upon; and

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