Thursday, June 02, 2016

Nurses, farmers rank best

Carmen Weld -CASTANET Jun 2, 2016 / 5:00 am
When it comes to the professions Canadians respect most, nurses and farmers reign supreme. According to a new Insights West poll, an overwhelming majority of Canadians express admiration towards the two professions. More than nine-in-ten Canadians have a positive opinion of nurses (92 per cent) and farmers (91 per cent). Beyond those top-ranking professions, more than four-in-five Canadians hold positive views of veterinarians (87 per cent), scientists (86 per cent), doctors (85 per cent), teachers (85 per cent), architects (83 per cent) and engineers (82%). Seven other professions earned the respect of at least two thirds of Canadians with accountants seeing 79 per cent, dentists in at 78 per cent, police officers nabbing 76 per cent, actors and artists at 73 per cent, athletes at 72 per cent, auto mechanics at 70 per cent and military officers at 69 per cent.When it comes to negative perceptions, the first place on the list of professions belongs to politicians with 71 per cent negative, followed by car salespeople at 61 per cent, lawyers at 45 per cent, business executives at 43 per cent, realtors at 43 per cent and pollsters at 42 per cent. (more)

INSIGHTS WESTSurvey of Canadians on Professions - June 1, 2016
All things considered, do you have a positive or negative opinion of each of the following professions?

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